What are the different types Challenges?

Challenges are short bursts of intensive gameplay designed to test your mettle in combat.

Challenges unlock after completing level 9 of the campaign.

Each Challenge features 3 difficulties, Easy / Medium /Hard, which will offer Coins for successfully completing each.
Challenges can be categorised as:

  • Rush: With only 1 life you must defend yourself against an unknown number of waves comprising of 3 types of Creeps.
  • Survival: With 3 lives you must fight against a horde of Creeps for a limited time.
  • Max Towers: With 3 live you must defeat the oncoming Creeps with a limited number of towers active at once. You can build towers so long as you haven’t reached your maximum cap, otherwise you’ll need to sell a tower first!
  • SOS: Gaining Energy from killed Creeps is disabled as you must fight against 1 huge wave! Fortunately, you have 5 lives and a lot of Energy to start building, even some towers are pre-built! However, if you don’t like the layout, you can sell towers for more Energy to build as you like, it might even be necessary on harder levels!
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