How do I reset my progress?

Want a fresh start?

There is currently no way to reset your progress in Alien Creeps TD in-game - the battle for Earth is ongoing and you have worked hard to achieve your progress against the Creeps!

If you do decide you would like to start Alien Creeps TD from the beginning and have not previously connected with Facebook, all you will need to do is re-install the game. 

If you have previously signed in with Facebook, please submit a support ticket and we will be able to help reset your save data.

Please note before uninstalling or submitting a request, once your previous progress has been deleted, we will be unable to retrieve this at a later date.

To uninstall Alien Creeps TD:

Android (Google Play):

1) Open your device's Settings app
2) Tap Apps or Application manager
3) Scroll to Alien Creeps TD 
4) Tap Uninstall

iOS (Apple):

1) Tap and hold the Alien Creeps TD icon
2) After you tap and hold any icon, the apps wiggle and an X should appear beside the Alien Creeps TD icon
3) Tap on the X to delete the game

FireOS (Amazon):

1) From the “Home” screen, open “Settings“
2) Tap “Apps & Games“
3) Tap “Manage All Applications“
4) Swipe over to the right to show “All” apps
5) Tap Alien Creeps TD
5) Tap “Uninstall“


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